Laboratory of Dairy Chemistry and Technology

The main research of this laboratory are:

1.   Studies on the chemical composition of milk and dairy products (aw, moisture, acidity, salt, ash, water activity, proteins, etc)
2.   Studies on lipolysis (acid degree value, free fatty acids) and proteolysis (protein hydrolysis, peptide and aminoacid analysis etc) of milk and dairy products.
3.  Studies on volatile compounds, organic acids and vitamins of milk and dairy products.
4.   Studies on the nutritional value of milk and dairy products.
5.   Sensory evaluation of cheeses and other dairy products.
6.   Studies on cheese rheology and texture.

Current permanent laboratory staff:

Dr  Efthymia Kondyli, Senior Research Scientist
Dr Pappa Eleni, Research Associate
Vlachou Anna-Maria, Research Assistant
Malamou Eudokia, Research Assistant